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Strive to be Your Best

Perfection is impossible, striving for perfection is not." - John Wooden

How often have we all come away from a game thinking about the bad behavior of our opponents’ coaches, players, spectators or even the referees? And have you ever wondered if other teams come away thinking the same about us?  

High Country Soccer Association has embarked on a new initiative called the “Strive To Be Your Best” campaign. As coaches and parents, we constantly encourage players to “Strive To Be Your Best” on the practice field and in games. HCSA will ask all members of the HCSA community to “Strive To Be Your Best” by promoting the positive and fun environment that is conducive to the growth of soccer and the development of young players. Our goal is to set the standard in terms of exemplifying good sportsmanship, respect for the game, and respect for opposing players, coaches, spectators, and referees.

Everyone has a role to play:

Coaches: Greet opposing coaches and referees before matches. Be a positive example with your sideline demeanor. After the game following team handshakes, shake the referees’ hands and thank them for their efforts.

Players: Show respect for your teammates and coaches, players and coaches on the other team, the referees, and spectators from both teams. Play hard, but play fair.

Captains: Be a role model for your teammates on and off the field. Read the “Strive To Be Your Best” Pregame Message out loud for players, coaches, referees, and spectators before the game. After the game following team handshakes, shake the referees’ hands and thank them on behalf of your team.

Managers: Be an advocate on the sideline for good sportsmanship and fair play. In those heated moments which inevitably will occur, remind everyone to “Strive To Be Your Best.”

Spectators: Treat players, coaches, and spectators from the other team the way we would like to be treated. Cheer positively for good play by both teams, do not criticize players’ mistakes, and do not complain about referees’ calls. “Strive To Be Your Best.”

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