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Financial Aid / Scholarships Policy

CLICK HERE for 2024/2025 Scholarship Application

Determination of Amount of Financial Aid Per Year

Annual financial aid scholarships for HCSA for Travel Team Players are determined by the number of travel teams for Fall and Spring seasons. Allocated funds for scholarships are equivalent to the fees of one player per travel team (although each team will not necessarily have a financial aid recipient). The number of scholarships each year will vary based on the number of teams. Total HCSA scholarship awarded annually will not exceed $12,000.   

HCSA reserves the right to keep 5% of budgeted scholarship monies for allocation during the Spring season distribution.

* Scholarships are only awarded to families with a travel team player(s).

Families with multiple siblings can apply for scholarships, although the total amount awarded will reflect the family as a whole instead of per child.

No financial assistance will be approved for players participating in Summer Camps, Futsal, Challenge soccer, or Academy programs other than the multi-child discount of 15% (see below).


Qualification for Financial Aid

We will begin accepting applications for financial aid for the 2024/2025 year as early as Monday, April 15, 2024. DO NOT SEND APPLICATIONS BEFORE THIS DATE. The LAST day we will accept scholarship applications will be May 15, 2024. Notification of award will be given to families beginning on May 15. The HCSA Board Scholarship Committee is comprised of at least 2 non-staff members. Any family who has applied for financial aid and does not receive it, and chooses not to accept an offered roster spot on a team, will receive a refund of the commitment fee since commitment fee may be due prior to notification of financial award. Financial Aid applications may be downloaded from the HCSA website (see link below) or picked up at the HCSA office.

* Financial aid will be largely distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications will be stamped with time and date of receipt.

Proof of adjusted income that must accompany completed application:

·  W2 forms

·  Tax forms (1040EZ online Line 4, 1040A Line 21, or 1040 Line 37 - Adjustable income)

If a family does not have tax paperwork, the Scholarship Committee may choose to review the application with 2-3 months of work pay stubs. Pay stubs must be submitted at time of application.

All soccer fees must be paid from previous year to qualify for the next year’s financial aid.

An email to the HCSA membership regarding the following year’s financial aid requirements will be sent out on or before April 1, 2025.

For each child receiving financial aid, the family will be required to donate 10 hours of volunteer service to the club at tournaments, ASU soccer games, HCSA events, or home games. Proof of volunteerism will be required by signing in and out the volunteer sheet in the concession booth. Failure to complete the 10 hours per child may affect future scholarship consideration for financial aid.


Multi-Child Discount Families

Financial Aid is separate from Multi-child discounts. If you are eligible for a multi-child discount, you may receive a flat fee that reflects all aid and discounts (after paying the tryout fee and commitment fee).

All HCSA families will receive Multi-Child discounts of 15% for each sibling after the initial child’s fee and/or highest fees are charged. For instance, if a family has 2 children, the family will pay the child with the highest player fee first.  All other players in the family will receive a 15% discount. 

Commitment fees and kit/uniform fees must be paid in full for each HCSA player.  There will be no discount offered for commitment fees or kit/uniform fees.


Rec, Academy, Winter Futsal, and Summer Camp Families

Due to limited available funds, we are only offering scholarships for travel team players. But, multi-child discounts of 15% can also be applied to Rec, Academy, Winter Futsal, and Summer Camps, and will be awarded after full price is paid for a family’s child with the highest fees. Kit/uniform fees must be paid in full for each HCSA player.  There will be no discount offered for commitment fees or kit/uniform fees. 


Commitment to Play

Any child receiving scholarship monies shall be committed to playing all games and attending all practices. If a child misses more than 2 regular season games or 5 regular season practices without a medical or approved excuse, his/her eligibility for scholarship for the following season will be reevaluated by the Scholarship Committee. Medical excuses will be turned into the HCSA office with a note to the “Scholarship Committee Chair.”

Typically there are more applicants than there are financial aid recipients. Emphasis will be given to those families in greater financial need and who are committed to playing and traveling with the HCSA team.

CLICK HERE for 2024/2025 Scholarship Application


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