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Booneshine Premier League (7V7)

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Spring 2022 Schedule

Registration Fee - $65 per player per season
Team Captains must submit finalized roster, Covid waiver, and photo IDs, and pay the full registration fee by check-in
on Tuesday, March 8 from 7-9 PM at Booneshine Brewing Co
There are NO EXCEPTIONS. There will be no late registrations!


Team Registration Forms:

Team Registration (Captains Only)

Team Roster Form

Covid Waiver

Don't want to play, but want to be a referee?
Contact Daniel Ames at [email protected]

Over 35 Division
The Over 35 is open to male players ages 35+ and women of all ages. This division is for new players and players looking for a more casual environment. Registration is $50 per player, and all registered players will be assigned teams for the season. Games will be played on Tuesday nights beginning March 15

 Over 35 Schedule

Booneshine Premier League Rules (Gold, Silver, and Bronze):

Booneshine Adult League Rules

Gold Division: The Gold Division is a highly competitive 7v7 soccer league for players ages 16+.  Players looking to play in this division should be comfortable competing in high speed and high skill level play throughout the season. Gold teams will only play games vs other gold teams and will compete for the gold league championship.

Silver Division: The Silver Division is a competitive 7v7 soccer league for players ages 16+. Players looking to play in this division should have a solid understanding of playing the game and want to play in competitive matches. Silver teams will only play games vs other silver teams and will compete for the silver league championship.

Bronze Division: The Bronze Division is an 8v8 soccer league designed strictly for new and casual players ages 18+ that are looking to enjoy the game of soccer in a fun and organized league. Bronze teams will only play games vs other bronze teams and will compete for the bronze league championship.

Over 35 & Women Division: The Over 35 & Women's Division is an 8v8 soccer league designed strictly for casual players 35+.

*Any male under 30 years of age that has played competitive soccer at the college level or higher MUST play in the Gold Division

League Schedules:

Spring 2022 Schedule


The Booneshine Premier League is a 7v7 league offered each Fall and Spring season. The league consists of three divisions of play, Gold Division (More Competitive), Silver Division (Less Competitive), and Bronze Division (Recreational).
Be sure to stop by  Booneshine Brewing Co for post game drinks and food at their tasting room, located at 465 Industrial Park Dr. Boone, NC.

For any questions regarding the Booneshine Premier League contact our league director, Daniel Ames, at [email protected]

Booneshine Premier League Preseason Social and Captain's Check-in: Tuesday, March 8 from 7-9 PM


Booneshine Brewing Co will be hosting the Preseason Social the night of check-in. We would like to invite you to come join us to celebrate the start of the season and enjoy some craft brews at Booneshine.



  1. Check-in will be on Tuesday, March 8 at Booneshine Brewing Co from 7:00-9:00 PM.
  2. Team captain must have complete roster form and Covid waiver filled out and signed.
  3. Team captain must email photo IDs for all players by check-in.
  4. Captains must collect money for all players and turn it in at check-in.


Fall 2021
Gold - Aguilas                       Silver - Boone City          Bronze - OSHA Violators FC

Spring 2021
Gold - Aguilas                Silver - Boone City           Bronze - Forfeit

Fall 2020
Gold - Aguilas         Silver - Bacon and Chimichangas Bronze - The Underdogs

Fall 2019
Gold - Booneshine Aguilas         Silver - Boone City         Bronze - KOD           

Spring 2019
Silver - Missing Pablo FC      Bronze - KOD .           

Fall 2018
Gold - Aguilas          Silver - Rivers Street FC          Bronze - Team Postal

Spring 2018
Gold - Sporting Sarson         Silver - Verde Green             Bronze - Lobos

Fall 2017
Gold - Aguilas                  Silver - HC Pups                  Bronze - J.J. Brown

Spring 2017
Gold - Aguilas                  Silver - Galacticos                  Bronze - HP Pups

Fall 2016
Gold - Aguilas                  Silver - EC Oldboys                  Bronze - Habaneros

Spring 2016
Gold - Sporting Sarson                  Silver - Super Chivos         Bronze - Booneshine Brewing FC

Fall 2015
Gold - Sporting Sarson Silver - Real Fermented
Spring 2015
Gold - Sporting Sarson Silver - Boone United
Fall 2014
Gold - Sporting Sarson Silver - Boone United
Spring 2014
Gold - Sporting Sarson Silver - 1966
Fall 2013
Gold - Highland's Finest Silver - 1966
Spring 2013
Gold - FC Gallos  Silver - Saloonatics
Fall 2012
Gold - Marseille Silver - Saloonatics
Spring 2012
Fall 2011
Spring 2011
Los Pollos Locos
Fall 2010

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