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I received a great question this week from a parent that I felt would be beneficial to publish the response for all of our members. In fact I imagine there are an infinite number of questions from parents that they'd like to know more about so I'm going to start a new section to our newsletter called 'Whats Up DOC?' where I'll answer a question each week submitted by a parent. Please help me out and send me your soccer questions for 'Whats Up DOC?', as chances are other members have the same question.

What is the 'Club Pass'?

The Club Pass mandate was passed by NCYSA via the Club Directors' of Coaching for implementation in the Fall of 2015. The purpose of the Club Pass is to provide more flexibility to move players between rosters within the same club, for league games opportunities deemed by the Club to be beneficial for that player's development. Previously, our only opportunity to do this was through dual-rostering players which doesn't provide the flexibility of the new Club Pass.  

Many are more familiar with 'Guest Players' for tournaments. We can use 'guest players' from within our own club or from another club to 'guest' with a team for tournament play.  Club Pass is essentially allowing us to use players from within our own Club to 'guest play' for league games. Club Pass players can only be used to play up in league level within the same age group or in any equal level league or higher at the next oldest age division. Also, players are not permitted to play for 2 different teams in the same day. 

For example, at HCSA, a player on our U12B Red (Classic 2nd Division) team that is Club Passed is eligible to play with the U12B Navy (Classic Open Division) team or our U13B (Classic 2nd Division) team by rule. At HCSA, we look to use Club Pass players in situations where teams are missing players or to help a team with a smaller roster. I present the Club Pass opportunities: 

1.  when a team of a higher level/age is in need of an extra player
2.  in the interest of the Club Passing player's development
3.  based on the Club Passing player's ability to contribute at the higher level/age

For HCSA to participate in the Club Pass program with NCYSA, I am required to attend an annual certification meeting as HCSA's Club Pass Administrator. I am responsible for identifying the players we want to Club Pass, holding their Club Pass player card, and signing off on all uses of Club Pass players. Coaches are not able to utilize Club Pass players without a special match roster prepared and signed by myself. 

We currently have about 12 Club Pass players and I am able to add players throughout the year. There is a cost to the club to register these players which is why we are selective in identifying who we register for this opportunity. Because a player can not play for 2 teams in one day we generally only use Club Pass players on days they don't have a game with their primary team, however, there has been 1 extreme circumstance to date that lead me to approve a Club Pass player to 'play up' rather than play for their primary team on that day.

If you have a question for 'What's up DOC?' send it to me at [email protected]!
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